Beginning of June

Hello DC, Baltimore and Everyone In Between

Our project aims to democratically run an in-person community focused on an ecologically- and socially-regenerative worldview.

Hopefully, this community will take the form of something like a book club (to talk about ideas) that encompasses both a social club (to hang out together and do fun things) as well as a service club (to do meaningful things).

This worldview centers around the ideas of

  • Cybernetics - the feedback and circular causality in biological and social systems.(B.Scott)
  • Ecology - the interaction of living and non-living matter.
  • Biosemiotics - life as a meaning-making and interpreting process of signs.
  • Naturalistic Pantheism - the view that the natural universe and God are identical, no more no less.
  • Modern Stoicism - a philosophy of practical ways to achieve wellbeing, as well as idealistic beliefs about who humans are and who we can (and ought to) become. (E.O.Scott/Sellars)
  • Solidarity Economics - perspective for a democratic economy that serves the human- (as opposed to capital-) defined needs of society

Follow the "Entailment Net" and "Nomic" links in the left column to see more about our worldview and self-coordination.